How to Multiply Your Small Group – Part 2

Part 2 – Prayer and Casting Vision

Part 1 explained why we multiply small groups. The rest of this series will focus on how to multiply your small group. The following details are intended to help you successfully plant a new small group. We want you to follow these guidelines with your current small group leader, your current small group pastor, and/or pastoral church staff.

Glorifying God occurs through being satisfied and knowing who God is, and partaking in His mission. With this said, we believe prayer is vital to being a disciple of Jesus. It is also vital to multiplying your small group (and the ongoing process of small group). Following the death of Christ, prior to the church growth seen in Acts, the disciples committed themselves to prayer. Prayer precedes mission and sustains God’s people in mission. The experience of communion with God in prayer will lead to living for God.

We want you and your small group to continually pray for the making of disciples that leads to your small group multiplying. Pray that God would help you identify a person to raise up and send out. Pray weekly as you gather. Pray throughout the week in your time with the Lord. Pray as you get together throughout the rhythms of life with other small group members. Pray without ceasing!

As you pray, cast vision to your small group. If you are a current small group leader, I want to encourage and challenge you to start casting vision for multiplying your small group THIS WEEK (see Part 1). Continue to do this time and time again. By constantly casting vision to your small group, you are encouraging your group to think and live on mission for God. As you cast vision, remember to continue to ask your small group members to pray about the next steps for themselves and your small group to multiply.




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